A journey to Langhe and Roero…. A journey to passion…


A perfect Night in one of my favourite restaurant @Ilversodelghiottone with friends. Battuta al coltello, Ravioli del Plin, Tajarin and eggs everything paired with Alba white truffle. Finding this precious tuber seems very hard this year; Our trifolao have found less then 100gr in one week.

As usual Gil has been amazing in the kitchen and service at the table friendly and perfect.

With appetizer and pasta we drank Nebiolo Martinenga from Marchesi di Gresy winery, right choice we made, then Aldo Conterno Barolo 2005 and 2004 eating meat; 2005 vintage for me has been better but both bottle were good. Traditional production without barrique (french oak),  just 30 moths in big barrels, taste was simply but perfect balance with fruit and spices in your palate.



The Food Hall NYC

A new upscale food emporium in Manhattan. In the lower level of the historic Plaza Hotel a new Food Hall by Todd English, a popular US restaurateur. Here you will find 8 food stations and you can sit at each one or at the common tables.

Amazing food, I tasted chorizo, lamb, fish, rolls and dessert and all was delicious at a fair price; perfect service and organisation.

Bring home also some packed food from the store and you will be happy to remember your enjoy time here when you will eat it at home.

If you have to decide between Eataly And The Plaza Food Hall, this is much better…and the plus is that you won’t see a guy walking around wearing orange crocs.

See you at the next tasting.

La petite maison Opening

In front of Moma a new French restaurant opening tonight. After three steps the restaurant entrance with a big counter and then a few dinner rooms on two floors with a stunning ceiling. Champagne and delicious apetizer for this great event; only one thing is bad, sangria with ice isn’t the right way to make the drink. In the next weeks I’ll try to have a dinner to confirm the quality of this place


The first dinner at Craft Bar has been a pleasant surprise. I had always been doubtful about this restaurant, my thoughts were Colicchio with several restaurants is the usual entrepreneur with a lot of marketing and little substance as other popular owners in New York, but …I was wrong.

I tried Craft Bar last week and was amazing. A lot of local products, nontrivial dishes, good wine and perfect service. The price is reasonable for the this kind of restaurant level (we are in Manhattan so all is overprice), the ambience is nice and regular space between tables (not easy to find this in NY).

I will go back soon to try new dishes.

Eataly visit preview (second part)

Eataly Manhattan

Prosciutto crudo melts in your mouth, porchetta (pork slow roasted meat) delicious, desserts by the spoon perfect (tiramisu, panna cotta and more), gelato and espresso for the great end.

Good Italian food with American fresh items (meat, milk, vegetables, fruit, …) This is the right store for your tasting and where you can buy food to cook at home.

We have to wait only 5 days and then New York life will change…

Preview visit to Eataly

La pasta fresca di Eataly

La carne from Eataly

Pizza, ravioli, piedmontese sausage terrific… Spot amazing… See you after the dessert

Grand opening in New York and in Dogliani

September 2010 two big opening around the world.

Eataly the famous Italian market store will open in Manhattan, 32000 sf in midtown, finally we would be able to find good food at the fair price.
CasaMatilda in Dogliani (Cuneo/Piedmont/Italy) will open the “Bottega” where you will find juice, preserve, fruit, wine and more.

Would you like to spend your vacation in a peaceful spot on the beautiful Langhe hills eating natural products preservative-free? Go to visit CasaMatilda.
Do you want a few loud and crazy days, New York is your place and Eataly is the new entertainment in town.

Enjoy your trip.

Otto pizzeria not italian

Batali and Bastianich talk a lot of italian food, how to cook, how to eat but their idea of italian food is more American-Italian.

I betrayed my favorite pizzeria to try Otto a popular pizzeria owned by Batali/Bastianich. The advertise says “serving classic Italian pizzas…”, but nothing is true. The pizza’s pasta was like a piece of wood, the tomato was ketchup, and I don’t remember the bufala mozzarella taste because were only few pieces but for sure wasn’t real bufala.
Don’t call it Italian pizza when, if americans like this kind of food, no problem for me, but don’t try to sell it as real italian food.

Did Eataly find the right partner for the new market store in NY? I’m not sure, we will find out soon.


Recently I went to dinner in two Batali/Bastianich restaurants in NY, Esca(fish of the day) and Casa Mono(spanish restaurant).
The food was excellent, good presentation and good taste without too many flavors and ingredients.

But… also these restaurants have to learn a lot about service (American service without passion and “savoir faire”).                                                                      
Asking for the wine before order food isn’t the right welcome to the clients and asking theme to go away to free a table is worse.  
Batali, Bastianich “come on” you have travelled a lot and you’re teaching every days how to eat and live better, you can not make these mistakes.

Last suggestion: if you want to cook a really Italian risotto, you have to use carnaroli rice and not arborio like you could read in some books.