Hasaki Jap restaurant

I got a reccomendation to taste a japanese restaurant in the East Village and I couldn’t decline this invitation.

Hasaki restaurant on 9th Street and 3rd Avenue is a tiny restaurant where you can eat at the counter or at the small tables for 2 or 4 people max.

For my first dinner in this spot, I have decided to taste the classic japaneses dishes, Sushi/Sashimi/Roll

Sushi and Sashimi were well prepared and with a good quality, but I have to review the Rolls because they were tasteless.

It is a lovely spot with regular service but not very friendly.

At the end I can say that if you want to eat a good quality japanese food without spend hundreds of bucks, this it is one of the right addresses; I still prefer “Kanoyama” but “Hasaki” can be an alternative solution. 

Thank you  for the reccomendation.

Have you a good Week

Late dinner @cavatappo

Thursday night I went to “cavatappo” wine bar and restaurant for a late dinner and this is my review:
15 kind of cheeses on menu is not so bad and with a good quality; cold cuts are regular and an interesting wine list. The main course aren’t anything special and too expensive based on this quality level.
One waiter wasn’t friendly and I got a bad service, but the spot is fair for a late glass of wine and a bite.

Manhattan Fall/Winter (not for Turist)

What can you do during the cold days in this island? A lot of things, but here I would like to share with you activities for real Newyorkers.

Monday: Would you like to become a real American? Go to the pub for the Monday night football game. Till January every Monday night you can watch a Football game in your favorite pub drinking beer; I would suggest you to find local beer (American beer from small breweries in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachuset, California and more) because are good and sure better than industrial beers. Here a few suggestions : Third and Long, Lincoln Park Grill, Village Pourhouse, …)

Tuesday: With your coworkers an Happy hour to share what did you do during the Week End and planning the next one. A covered roof top or a typical Pub are the most popular spot. Don’t forget NCIS on CBS when you will go back home.

Wednesday: Show on Broadway or off Broadway. Is the right night for a musical or a theatre. Sometimes the less popular shows are the most terrific. You can find a lot of good deals for Off Broadway shows. (Rocky horror picture show, American Idiot, Fela, Memphis and more).

Thursday: At David Rubenstein Atrium (Lincoln Center) for a free concert. From Blues to Jazz, from classic to South American Music; here you can relax after work for an hour or more with a great singer or band and if you are hungry, try a quick bite at the cafe. In this venue you will also find a day-of discount tickets for Lincoln Center shows.

Friday: After work a visit one of free museum, then a dinner in your favorite restaurant and a Club or Lounge to dance and drink one cocktail (just one).

Saturday: Brunch and Shopping in Soho during the day and Village or West Village for the night. Try one of the several small bars where you will find great blues, jazz, country concert or a popular DJ from all over US.
My favorites are 55bar, Terrablues, BitterEnd or the most popular Blue Note, but in this case I recommend you to reserve in advance.

Sunday: For a rainy Sunday, A Museum is a good choice, Metropolitan, Morgan Library, American Indian Museum, NYC museum and more. For a sunny day start a walk around Bryant Park, then go to visit the National Library. If you want to walk without a lot turists around, you should start from Madison Square Park where you can find expositions or concerts and go down on Fifth avenue to Washington Square Park; then turn left toward Noho.

Enjoy your Week.

The Food Hall NYC

A new upscale food emporium in Manhattan. In the lower level of the historic Plaza Hotel a new Food Hall by Todd English, a popular US restaurateur. Here you will find 8 food stations and you can sit at each one or at the common tables.

Amazing food, I tasted chorizo, lamb, fish, rolls and dessert and all was delicious at a fair price; perfect service and organisation.

Bring home also some packed food from the store and you will be happy to remember your enjoy time here when you will eat it at home.

If you have to decide between Eataly And The Plaza Food Hall, this is much better…and the plus is that you won’t see a guy walking around wearing orange crocs.

See you at the next tasting.

NY Christmas trees

Millions of people at Rockfeller center for the big Christmas tree, but there are several others in Manhattan better than that one. Spectacular trees in every building’s hall and at the Bryant park. Go to see the giant Christmas decorations on Sixth Avenue or on Park Avenue and inside the big buildings between Park and Madison. Happy Holidays

King in NYC

Vittorio Emanuele and spouse are visiting the city and obviously Eataly. https://marclifestyle.wordpress.com

Odd History

“Bella Ciao” song in a bulgarian Manhattan club (Mehanata)… What the hell!!!! Someone should go back to the school for a history lesson…

La petite maison Opening

In front of Moma a new French restaurant opening tonight. After three steps the restaurant entrance with a big counter and then a few dinner rooms on two floors with a stunning ceiling. Champagne and delicious apetizer for this great event; only one thing is bad, sangria with ice isn’t the right way to make the drink. In the next weeks I’ll try to have a dinner to confirm the quality of this place https://marclifestyle.wordpress.com


Where can you find a good espresso in NY? Here some reccomendations:

Oren’s (3rd Avenue and 30th street and additional locations): just outside you can smell the perfume of the roasted beans coming from this tiny store where you will find more than 30 kinds of coffee from all over the world at a fair price. Espresso is very good and the staff is friendly.

La Colombe (Lafayette street): warm place, friendly staffs and espresso very good.

Vergnano by Eataly (5th Avenue and 23rd street): a typical Italian espresso, good but unfortunately is not a quiet spot where you can relax tasting the coffee aroma.

Taralucci e Vino (2nd Avenue and 11th street and additional locations): for a good espresso or a great Italian breakfast with cappuccino and pastries.

Lilly o’Brien (Bryant Park): My first espresso in NY. In front of an amazing park  you will find a warm place where to relax and drinking a regular espresso with Illy brand coffee or an hot chocolate with cream.

Sant Ambroeus (Madison Avenue and additional locations): formal and expensive bar but coffee, pastries and more are very good.

Aroma Caffe (Soho and additional locations): an american chain with a regular espresso and several other drinks.


Pizza is one of the millions Italian dishes specialties; Can you eat a real Italian Pizza outside the beautiful Mediterranean peninsula?

Before analyzing what you can find in this crazy “not American” island, you have to know that in Italy we have a several kind of pizza; a few types are such as:

  • Naples Pizza, “the original” with soft thick crust.
  • Roman Pizza, crusty and thin.
  • Pizza with buffalo mozzarella and Pizza with cow milk mozzarella.
  • Pizza with tomato sauce or with fresh cherry tomato or without tomato(usually in Italy called “Bianca”).
  • Etc …

You can put a lot of toppings on your pizza but the original one is the “Margherita” a Naples pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil, created in the 1889 as a gift for the Queen Margherita during her visit to Naples.

Now what you can find in New York:

Keste’ (Bleecker street) : Delicious Naples Pizza, the best in town.
Unfortunately a small spot and it doesn’t accept reservation, so you have
to plan a big line outside before tasting their good dishes.

Olio Pizza e Piu’ (Greenwich Ave) : Good Naples Pizza with good
ingredients; The restaurant cooks also a few pasta dishes and the cocktails
are terrific. The spot is nice and there is a space between tables (not
easy to find in Manhattan); you can also reserve your table.

Rossopomodoro (Eataly): In this crazy market store where there are too many
tourists, you will find a good Pizza, but the waiting line is 1 hours with
a poor service and no reservation are available.

Pizza Luzzo (First Avenue): Good Pizza (a mix between Naples Pizza and
Roman Pizza) but expensive.

Numero 28 (Second Avenue): Regular Roman Pizza, but not a very good service
and cash only.

Totale (St.Marks): Cheap Naples Pizza, it is more a take away store than a
restaurant but you can eat “margherita” with 5$.

Otto Pizzeria (the worst pizza in my life),Grimaldi, Patsy, John’s, Lombardi, Totonno’s and all others aren’t Italian pizzeria; the tomato sauce is like ketchup, cheese doesn’t taste cheese and the crust is like plastic bag.