BLUE HILL Restaurants

Perfect service with great dish made with fantastic and natural ingredients
grown in their farms.
Nice and confortable place with the right space between the tables (it isn’t common in NY).
Last, but not least, the handwritten postcard sent home …. THIS IS QUALITY.

After the Restaurant in Manhattan I tried Blue Hill at the Stone Barns in Pocantico Hill.

Would you like a perfect restaurant for a perfect day outside the city?  Blue Hill at the Stone Barns is the perfect address to go. You can eat lunch on the terrace and after walking through the farm and visit livestock and crops or before walk and then taste the perfect dishes from the Kitchen.

After I have been at the Blue Hill restaurant in Manhattan, I tried this one and now I’m not able to decide which is the best .    



Recently I went to dinner in two Batali/Bastianich restaurants in NY, Esca(fish of the day) and Casa Mono(spanish restaurant).
The food was excellent, good presentation and good taste without too many flavors and ingredients.

But… also these restaurants have to learn a lot about service (American service without passion and “savoir faire”).                                                                      
Asking for the wine before order food isn’t the right welcome to the clients and asking theme to go away to free a table is worse.  
Batali, Bastianich “come on” you have travelled a lot and you’re teaching every days how to eat and live better, you can not make these mistakes.

Last suggestion: if you want to cook a really Italian risotto, you have to use carnaroli rice and not arborio like you could read in some books.