vino da provare

volete provare qualcosa di nuovo? #Merlot vinificato in bianco cantina #Foffani, sarete piacevolmente sorpresi

White #wine for the summer

Vitiano from umbria: a blend made with verdicchio 50% and vermentino 50% is a perfect drink during summer dinner. Everybody know traminer, vermentino, chardonnay and sauvignon, but tasting something different would be a pleasant surprise. Le mail ti raggiungono ovunque con BlackBerry® from Vodafone!


Cermenate #WineFair, 20 vini degustati, 8 acquistati… Ecco come trascorrere la domenica tra le braccia di bacco.
Molto meglio una manifestazione piu’ intima dove i produttori hanno il piacere di condividere la loro passione e i loro prodotti con gli avventori, che #vinitaly dove tutto e’ un po’ impersonale. In queste occasioni si possono trovare vini e storie piacevoli da degustare e da ascoltare e scoprire realta’ molto diverse da quelle che ristoranti, locali e marketing ti propongono. Ho degustato anche per Voi…


American wine taste

#winespectator: italian wines are better then french, but unfortunately americans know just couples of grapes… Le mail ti raggiungono ovunque con BlackBerry® from Vodafone!


A perfect Night in one of my favourite restaurant @Ilversodelghiottone with friends. Battuta al coltello, Ravioli del Plin, Tajarin and eggs everything paired with Alba white truffle. Finding this precious tuber seems very hard this year; Our trifolao have found less then 100gr in one week.

As usual Gil has been amazing in the kitchen and service at the table friendly and perfect.

With appetizer and pasta we drank Nebiolo Martinenga from Marchesi di Gresy winery, right choice we made, then Aldo Conterno Barolo 2005 and 2004 eating meat; 2005 vintage for me has been better but both bottle were good. Traditional production without barrique (french oak),  just 30 moths in big barrels, taste was simply but perfect balance with fruit and spices in your palate.



Barolo tasting

Bussia soprana, vineyard “vigna colonnello” vintage 1998 very good.
Le ginestre, vineyard “sotto castello” vintage 2007 no bad, unfortunatelly they are using French oak.
Olivero, vintage 2007 it’s not ready to drink, I think we should wait at least 3-5 years to drink again it, but 30 months in French oak is to much for my palate. Le mail ti raggiungono ovunque con BlackBerry® from Vodafone!





Far from the tourist crowd and the time square lights, a medieval cloister in Manhattan on upper west side. Extreme contrast between the tall downtown and midtown skyscrapers and this tiny cloister located along Hudson river in northern Manhattan with Washington bridge view.

The structure was built with pieces from five different medieval French cloisters (in New York all is fake) and you will find a collection complemented by seven thousands pieces.

You can find better and original cloisters in Europe but the museum is great, someone defined it as “the crowning achievement of American museology”, and an afternoon in this neighborhood far from midtown and others overvalued New York spots can be a new way to discover this Town.

Real coffee in Manhattan

@Lacolombe on Lafayette street, warm place, friendly staffs and espresso very good.

Gramercy Tavern

The meat balls at Gramercy Tavern are still terrific…