Odd History

“Bella Ciao” song in a bulgarian Manhattan club (Mehanata)… What the hell!!!! Someone should go back to the school for a history lesson…


In Manhattan there are hundreds, thousands, millions clubs and lounges and
the choice is though, but here my preference so far:

Thursday Night Webster Hall (11th Street and 3rd Avenue): four floors of
one the most authentic American club where you can find all you want for a
funny night.

Friday Night Pacha (46th Street and 11th Avenue): The craziest New York
club with showers and exotic shows; open until 6am.
Saturday Night 230-Fifth (5th Avenue and 27th Street): The best roof top in the
city, the view is amazing, where you can relax with your friends drinking
wine or cocktails at the tables or dance until for 4am.


Night at the theatre to watch a Shakespeare representation “The merchant of Venice”.

Theatre show is one of the most popular activities in New York and you can find several musicals, comedies, dramatic and classic representation. “The merchant of Venice” is one of these and it is in the stage only for 3 months and one of the actors is AL PACINO.

I went yesterday and the show was nice but anything of nothing special; what I got is the huge difference between one of the greatest “hollywoodian” actors and the others professionals actors. Sure there are a lot of better shows than this in Broadway but watching Al PACINO live performance is priceless.

MANHATTAN SUMMER (not for Turist)

What can you do during the hot days in this island? A lot of things, but here I would like to share with you activities for real Newyorkers.

Monday: Happy hour in a traditional New York pub along midtown streets, like “Ginger Man” and others.

Tuesday: After dinner (restaurant week is a great deal) a walk between meetpacking and west village where there are no high buildings but only townhouses and lofts.

Wednesday: Concert in Madison Square Park. In front of the historical Flatiron building and beside the NY life insurance building inspired by the Salisbury Cathedral in England and the MetLife tower modeled on the “Campanile San Marco in Venice”. Getting out from your cubicle, 1 or 2 hours concert in this beautiful spot is the perfect relax solution.

Thursday: In Central Park West Shakespeare show played by New York Classical Theatre. The show starts in a lawn close the 103th street entrance and then moves through several other spots. Following actors/actresses along Central Park hills is tough at the end of a work day, but is fun.

Friday: Hudson River on the piers between 30 and 54 you can find music, movies, ballet and dance watching the sunset on Jersey skyline.

Saturday: Riverside park on Hudson River, Hudson Warehouse company plays under the stars behind the Soldiers and Sailors monument (89th street). Stop by and sit on the stairs or on the benches and actors/actresses will be around you and you are going to be part of the show.

Sunday: Take a bike and ride from the Upper West side (180th street) to battery park along the Hudson river. Take a rest in one of the piers for a sunbath and then continue on the east river under the Bridges (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg…) until UN.

Enjoy your Week.


Aperitif in one of the most exclusive lounge bar in NY : Boom Boom Room at the Standard hotel top floor . Gorgeous spot, amazing view, pretty girls but the bartenders don’t know how mix the cocktails and serve wine .

For a cocktail with orange juice instead of fresh orange juice they used a ordinary industrial product like every other pub in the city. Last 18% tip is automatically included … for what? without table no available waiters, and poor quality  drinks …. In a lounge like this the quality must be high and I think they have to learn a lot ….