In one of my favorite restaurant on Langhe hills I tasted 2 different Barolo bottles.

Barolo Pira 2001: despite the fact it is 10 years old, this wine is still young, it would be great in 5/10 years from today. Good perfumes, blueberries and dried roses but in the mouth the tannin is not perfect.  I’m going to look for other 2001 ( a fine vintage) Barolo bottles to compare with this.  

Barolo Borgogno 1961: From the one of the most historical and traditional Barolo producer, after 50 years this Nebbiolo grape wine is still alive and amazing.

Intensity color, perfumes from spices and leather; even better in the mouth with perfect tannin, smooth and rich. Good acidity and finish with berries taste for this wines king drinkable with every kind of meat and cheese or for after lunch/dinner relaxing with your friends.

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Wine improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it!!!

4 Responses to BaroloWine

  1. I could have sworn that we had an agreement that you would only drink 50 year old Barolo with us– didn’t we?

  2. One other (more serious) question: Did you decant the 1961 wine or did you have it straight out of the bottle? I just read that Nebbiolo is actually OK to decant because it is not as susceptible to oxygen degradation as, say, a more delicate Pinot Noir. But the 1961, being an older vintage, might be hurt by decanting.

    • Sure, you have to decant it for one-two hours. I think after 20-25 years is better to decant every kind of red wine. Wine is good straight out of bottle too, but the first sip can’t be what you expect from it.
      P.S. Nebbiolo=The King of Wines

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