Wine expo in new York

As I told severals times, New York is just marketing and the wine expo is a events organised from and for NY wine resellers lobby. Few French wineries, even less Italian and California wines… it doesn’t seem a wine fair.Was nice but wine culture is a different thing; I found a few good wines from Sonoma valley, Finger lakes and from French Rhone valley and nothing more.

The exposition were bad organized and the hosts at the stands didn’t even where the wine come from; in Califorinia you can find much better organization and more friendly people.

My revenge have been testing a terrific duck ham and foie gras from a smal Hudson valley producer.



Far from the tourist crowd and the time square lights, a medieval cloister in Manhattan on upper west side. Extreme contrast between the tall downtown and midtown skyscrapers and this tiny cloister located along Hudson river in northern Manhattan with Washington bridge view.

The structure was built with pieces from five different medieval French cloisters (in New York all is fake) and you will find a collection complemented by seven thousands pieces.

You can find better and original cloisters in Europe but the museum is great, someone defined it as “the crowning achievement of American museology”, and an afternoon in this neighborhood far from midtown and others overvalued New York spots can be a new way to discover this Town.