Pizza is one of the millions Italian dishes specialties; Can you eat a real Italian Pizza outside the beautiful Mediterranean peninsula?

Before analyzing what you can find in this crazy “not American” island, you have to know that in Italy we have a several kind of pizza; a few types are such as:

  • Naples Pizza, “the original” with soft thick crust.
  • Roman Pizza, crusty and thin.
  • Pizza with buffalo mozzarella and Pizza with cow milk mozzarella.
  • Pizza with tomato sauce or with fresh cherry tomato or without tomato(usually in Italy called “Bianca”).
  • Etc …

You can put a lot of toppings on your pizza but the original one is the “Margherita” a Naples pizza with buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil, created in the 1889 as a gift for the Queen Margherita during her visit to Naples.

Now what you can find in New York:

Keste’ (Bleecker street) : Delicious Naples Pizza, the best in town.
Unfortunately a small spot and it doesn’t accept reservation, so you have
to plan a big line outside before tasting their good dishes.

Olio Pizza e Piu’ (Greenwich Ave) : Good Naples Pizza with good
ingredients; The restaurant cooks also a few pasta dishes and the cocktails
are terrific. The spot is nice and there is a space between tables (not
easy to find in Manhattan); you can also reserve your table.

Rossopomodoro (Eataly): In this crazy market store where there are too many
tourists, you will find a good Pizza, but the waiting line is 1 hours with
a poor service and no reservation are available.

Pizza Luzzo (First Avenue): Good Pizza (a mix between Naples Pizza and
Roman Pizza) but expensive.

Numero 28 (Second Avenue): Regular Roman Pizza, but not a very good service
and cash only.

Totale (St.Marks): Cheap Naples Pizza, it is more a take away store than a
restaurant but you can eat “margherita” with 5$.

Otto Pizzeria (the worst pizza in my life),Grimaldi, Patsy, John’s, Lombardi, Totonno’s and all others aren’t Italian pizzeria; the tomato sauce is like ketchup, cheese doesn’t taste cheese and the crust is like plastic bag.


In Manhattan there are hundreds, thousands, millions clubs and lounges and
the choice is though, but here my preference so far:

Thursday Night Webster Hall (11th Street and 3rd Avenue): four floors of
one the most authentic American club where you can find all you want for a
funny night.

Friday Night Pacha (46th Street and 11th Avenue): The craziest New York
club with showers and exotic shows; open until 6am.
Saturday Night 230-Fifth (5th Avenue and 27th Street): The best roof top in the
city, the view is amazing, where you can relax with your friends drinking
wine or cocktails at the tables or dance until for 4am.

BLUE HILL Restaurants

Perfect service with great dish made with fantastic and natural ingredients
grown in their farms.
Nice and confortable place with the right space between the tables (it isn’t common in NY).
Last, but not least, the handwritten postcard sent home …. THIS IS QUALITY.

After the Restaurant in Manhattan I tried Blue Hill at the Stone Barns in Pocantico Hill.

Would you like a perfect restaurant for a perfect day outside the city?  Blue Hill at the Stone Barns is the perfect address to go. You can eat lunch on the terrace and after walking through the farm and visit livestock and crops or before walk and then taste the perfect dishes from the Kitchen.

After I have been at the Blue Hill restaurant in Manhattan, I tried this one and now I’m not able to decide which is the best .    



Night at the theatre to watch a Shakespeare representation “The merchant of Venice”.

Theatre show is one of the most popular activities in New York and you can find several musicals, comedies, dramatic and classic representation. “The merchant of Venice” is one of these and it is in the stage only for 3 months and one of the actors is AL PACINO.

I went yesterday and the show was nice but anything of nothing special; what I got is the huge difference between one of the greatest “hollywoodian” actors and the others professionals actors. Sure there are a lot of better shows than this in Broadway but watching Al PACINO live performance is priceless.