A day with a polo match, Chris Bosh and long island wine.

I started with wine tasting in a couple of vineyards along Suffolk county;

First winery Lieb Family Cellars: 8$ for 4 taste isn’t expensive, but the wine was ordinary and the barman didn’t know anything of the wine but was fun. Bottles are expensive (45$ for a blend and 20$ for a Long Island Chardonnay is crazy).

Second winery Pindar Vineyards: 4$ for 5 taste (cheaper), but wine still ordinary and there were hundreds of people (like in a mall) most of them already drunk (1 pm). Do you want to get drunk and have a fun with your friends? You can go; do you want taste wine? Change your destination.

Then I went to watch the first match of the Mercedes Polo Challenge, thousand people for this VIP popular summer event to the Hamptons. Picnic, party, drink, famous people and women with the most fancy and trendy dresses are the most important things in this event, no one was interested in the match; only during the half time, spectators wandered all over the field stomping down the torn up turf, a real British tradition.

But why did I meet Chris Bosh at this event in New York state? He is a new Miami Heat player with the Knicks supporters dream LeBron… Ah yes I know, he teased the NY Knicks supporters who will pay hundreds dollars per game for another season without playoff, dreaming of the next big freelance who will choose another team… Go LAKERS…

About marclifestyle
Wine improves with age. The older I get, the more I like it!!!

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