Recently I went to dinner in two Batali/Bastianich restaurants in NY, Esca(fish of the day) and Casa Mono(spanish restaurant).
The food was excellent, good presentation and good taste without too many flavors and ingredients.

But… also these restaurants have to learn a lot about service (American service without passion and “savoir faire”).                                                                      
Asking for the wine before order food isn’t the right welcome to the clients and asking theme to go away to free a table is worse.  
Batali, Bastianich “come on” you have travelled a lot and you’re teaching every days how to eat and live better, you can not make these mistakes.

Last suggestion: if you want to cook a really Italian risotto, you have to use carnaroli rice and not arborio like you could read in some books.


A few weeks ago I read on WSJ this headline “Our Big Problem”: Obesity.

I don’t know how figure out the problem, but I think US people in New York should start with these recommendations :

1) Lunch time: eating on keyboard (at the desk) is BAD. Stand up from the chair, go to the elevator, press button “ground floor” (if your office is under the fourth floors, get down through the stairs), walk to your favorite restaurant/deli/pub/… and choose your dish (if is possible change the dish every day: white meat, red meat, pasta or soup or pizza, salad and vegetables, sandwich not every day) and sit down to eat. After go back to work walking for 5 minutes.

2) Dinner : Take away, prepared foods, fast food,… are BAD. After work go to your favorite market (better farmers market) and buy fish, meat, vegetables, fruit; go home to cook and eating with your family andor friends. Sometimes go to restaurant is fun and you could learn a new dish for your next dinner at home, but if at the restaurant you eat only nachos and burger is NOT good for your health.

3) Dish : Alfredo sauce, meatballs spaghetti, chicken parmigiana, beef parmigiana and all others parmigiana dishes you could find are NOT italian, therefore are NOT in the mediterranean diet… where olive oil is used more then butter and pasta is cooked with 1,5 ounce(only) of sauce per dish. 

These are the first steps to live better.


First time in Washington DC and I spent 3 great days: Amazing Town, Great museums and friendly people.

Washington could be named the Paris of the new world; the Smithsonian and the National Mall are amazing; all the buildings between Constitution and Pennsylvania avenues are beautiful and Massachussets avenue (embassy street) is nice.
Georgetown is the right spot for dinner and then the harbor is the place where you can have fun at night.
The town is clean, there are a lot of tourists but isn’t crowded, you can  find parking everywhere and most of the museums are free.

No one screams,no one horns… a really High Quality Life. I think the other US cities should learn from the Capital.

 I will go back soon to visit other museums and neighborhoods.