TERZA FINALE, Sara’ quella giusta?

5pm Armida party “from the heaven to the hell”

Chardonnay ’09 from the heaven, Pinot noir and Zinfandel from the hell(not the right ambienced for the wine “una americanata”….). Nice place and big party, but the quality of the wine isn’t special and selling the future of chardonnay and zin (2 years before bottling) is crazy.

Sunday 4th stop Schlumberger and Rafanelli

Schlumberger: mexican ambiance, nice spot and good wine. In the private room the sauvage ’06 (blend with syrah,petit syrah and viogner) was perfect for my mouth; Cab ’98 and ’91 are great.
Rafanelli: US wine and italian food. Only 2 wines, both of them regular but the food was great, especially the desserts.

Sunday 2nd stop Zichichi and Gopfrich

Zichichi : zinfandel and petit syrah ’09 and ’06. The petit syrah ’09 will be great in 2/3 years. Gopfrich : rose’, merlot, syrah and zinfandel
Small wineries with good wine.


Martorana: Mid-west music, great pizza and nice cave. The chardonnay is good, other wines regular.
Quivira: sauvignon blanc is very good (no oak barrel) and Zinfandel ’06 good with a fair price. Good cheese selection.

Sunday 11am first winery BELLA

Amazing location, safari ambiance, band play relaxing music. Great cave inside the hill and 6 types of zinfandel. Lilly hill zin ’08 and late harvest zin ’08 are awesome

Sunday 11am first stop Bella winery

Amazing location, band play relaxing music cave inside, safari ambiance.

Saturday last stop at Wilson winery party…

Like a New york party in the 60s here in the Dry Creek valley with dance, bbq and a lot of wine. Zinfandel and cabernet sauvignon ’06 are great and people crazy.
After 7 hours and a lot of wine and food I need some rest before dinner, tasting wine is a “tough job”… See you tomorrow.

4th stop Forchini and Kachina… Tough job

Forchini: Pinot noir, zinfandel, bordeaux and more. The spot is basic, bordeaux and pinot noir are good with right balance and they didn’t spend too much time in oak barrel.
Kachina: chardonnay,zinfandel,cabernet sauvignon and port. Nice spot and regular wine.

3rd stop Frick, Pedroncelli and Cofaro

Frick: Old French grapes grown in this valley, a very parcular winery but for my piedmont mouth wine aged 22 months in oak barrel is too many. Pedroncelli: zinfandel and sangiovese are regular, but port is great.
Cofaro: only blend wines, perhaps is the future, but I am a conservative about wine.