The best Sport Store in Manhattan :

Paragon Sport : All sports are here. From Tennis to Runnig, for baseball and soccer,  you can find all you want .

CitySport :  Only a few brands and a few sports but where you can find the best bargain in the city.

Super Runner Shop : Are you a runner?  you can’t miss this store and the right advice from the shop assistant.


Opening soon at CasaMatilda; in June the bottega (shop) will open doors for guest and visitors. You will find fruit juices, jelly, tomatoes preserves, fruit in sirup and red wine. I will taste and I will keep you update.

First sun in manhattan

First amazing sunny day in New York and million people along the avenues and streets, what happened? Where have they been before? Underground on subway trains? Like mushroom after 3 rainy days at the first sun manhattan population went out with flip flop and women in bikini on march 20th. It’s a crazy town and it isn’t America…. Waiting for the summer for more crazy days


Aperitif in one of the most exclusive lounge bar in NY : Boom Boom Room at the Standard hotel top floor . Gorgeous spot, amazing view, pretty girls but the bartenders don’t know how mix the cocktails and serve wine .

For a cocktail with orange juice instead of fresh orange juice they used a ordinary industrial product like every other pub in the city. Last 18% tip is automatically included … for what? without table no available waiters, and poor quality  drinks …. In a lounge like this the quality must be high and I think they have to learn a lot ….


DOC (Borgio Verezzi – Savona – Liguria)

Catch of the day …

Trattoria il Glicine (Cernobbio – Como – Lombardia)

From the lake and from the mountain

Il Verso del Ghiottone (Dogliani – Cuneo – Piemonte)

Truffle and more …

Guido (Pollenzo – Cuneo – Piemonte)

Fish, meat and Agnolotti